December 16, 2020

31 - Montreal Experiments – Canada’s CIA Brainwashing Program

“The Montreal Experiments” were a series of CIA-funded mind-alteration trials performed by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron within the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill university in Montreal, Canada, between 1957 to 1964.


Initially, the goal of the Montreal experiments was to develop treatments for schizophrenia, however the CIA was interested in developing effective brainwashing techniques to gain advantages over the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron was a renowned psychiatrist and esteemed researcher. He led the Montreal experiments and implemented psychological strategies to erase memory including “psychic driving”, drug-induced sleep, electroconvulsive therapy, sensory deprivation, and administration of drugs, including LSD.


Many patients suffered severe psychological torment and long-lasting debilitating effects following the Montreal experiments. It was a bad time.


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