December 23, 2020

32 - Fermi Paradox – Why Have We Not Been Contacted?

The “Fermi Paradox” questions why we have not observed extraterrestrial life given the immense scale of the universe.


Put in other words, there is an estimated TWO TRILLION galaxies in the observable universe (this is a “fuck load”). We know life emerged in one galaxy (here on Earth in our Milky Way galaxy). Given this outcome, there is likely a high probability of other intelligent life, if we adhere to the mediocrity principle.


Scientists, including Carl Sagan and Frank Drake speculated the Milky Way has between one thousand to one-hundred MILLION civilizations given probable habitable zones. Why have we not been contacted then?


Herein we outline the Fermi Paradox and relevant principles or solutions including the mediocrity principle, the zoo hypothesis, the Drake equation, the Transcension Hypothesis, empirical evidence, and other wild shit.


What say you?


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